When it comes to logistics, it’s all about processes. Documented, repeatable, trackable processes.

Those who manage IT equipment purchases and deployment know that placing the order sets off a chain of highly complex events. Managing those processes takes meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to flawless logistics.

We’ll help you at every critical juncture – configuring your hardware, managing inventory, scheduling deployments and overseeing expert installation.

Our logistic processes are based on Six Sigma principles. We have helped small businesses, large corporations, government agencies and school systems in need of successful IT infrastructure development and management.

While our processes are paramount to our success, our ability to remain flexible and versatile differentiates us from many other IT service providers. We’re ready for the unplanned, for the last-minute change, for those moments that can make or break your uptime and productivity.

Whatever it takes is what you can expect. Talk to one of our Logistics experts today to learn how we can deliver your next project - by location, on time and on budget.