Top 20 Manufacturer

Rapid Recruitment of Technical Resources is Mission Critical for Top Manufacturer

The Problem:

The client was re-engineering its global user support model affecting 27,000 users at 134 sites in the United States, Mexico & Canada. Critical to success was the recruitment & deployment of dozens of technical resources for service desk, program & site management, and PC tech support at 16 sites across three countries in just 21 days.

The Effort:

Pomeroy quickly deployed full-time recruiters, six regional interviewing teams, its centralized tracking system & an automated qualification process to quickly screen and process 100s of applicants based on individual qualifications & certifications.

The Results:

Pomeroy recruited & deployed 55 technical resources achieving 100% client approval of every candidate recommendation and supporting the on-schedule transition to the new user operating model.

Pomeroy Top 20 Manufacturer.