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Create a network with the agility and scalability needed to securely support your digital organization.

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Give your workforce a network that supports how they work.

Today’s digital organizations require a secure, modern network to support remote and hybrid workers, create safe environments, and protect digital and physical assets. By using advanced technologies, we can help you create the modern network you need to deliver consistent, seamless experiences that encompass:

  • Smart spaces: Use data, analytics, and smart devices to create the environment needed to support your digital organization.
  • Safe environments: Implement modern tools to protect your people, intellectual property, and physical assets while supporting sustainability goals.
  • Remote work: Create meaningful work experiences for employees who connect from anywhere while protecting access to your network and business-critical data and applications.
  • Hybrid work: Connect people and teams across locations and deliver consistent, seamless experiences for enhanced productivity.

Simplify network management

Pomeroy Managed Services powered by Cisco Meraki deliver an always-on, always-learning cloud-first platform to meet the needs of any organization.

We use industry-leading technology to help you:

  • Scale easily with a strong, flexible network that can grow to support multiple locations, use automation and repeatable processes for rapid expansion, and be securely managed from a single dashboard.
  • Connect securely using integrated malware and intrusion detection and zero-trust approach to verify access for all users and devices.
  • Automated processes for simplified management, consistent policy enforcement, zero-touch provisioning, and lower operational costs.
  • Enable open ecosystems that support work-from-anywhere policies, protect business assets, create safe workspaces, and lower energy costs.

Check out how we helped a growing biotech company globally scale its network.

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Pomeroy’s Managed Services powered by Cisco Meraki improves network and workforce technology to deliver consistent, seamless, and secure experiences. We have the skills and expertise to support your digital organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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