Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Pomeroy’s Data Center and Hybrid Cloud solutions leverage a full array of public, private, shared and dedicated platforms and cloud resources to optimize performance, workloads and costs while creating efficiencies and positioning your organization for growth.

Integrated Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Our experienced engineers work with you to leverage the legacy environments you can’t change, while integrating as much as possible with the latest on premise and cloud-based resources your users demand. This may include replacement of systems and platforms or migrations to containers or microservices technology.

We assess your environment and business needs, help determine your requirements, and design a comprehensive hybrid solution.  We then deploy, operate and optimize that environment and ensure that it is fully secure and protected. If desired, we can continue to manage and monitor your environments freeing up valuable time for your IT workforce.

Virtualization and DaaS

There is no better time than now to bring greater speed and agility to your organization at a lower Total Cost of Ownership based upon virtualization and Hybrid IT technologies that optimize application delivery by leveraging integrated public and private clouds platforms that can be managed using the same virtualization and management tools.

We’ll help you assess, design, and implement virtualized, software defined, automated and cloud-based technologies to help your organization respond to the needs of a more dynamic workplace.

  • Greater network access, reliability, and end-user performance
  • On-demand capacity, dynamic resource management, and business continuity
  • Better application availability and network provisioning
  • Improved data integrity and network security
  • Scalable infrastructure with the flexibility to keep up with changing business priorities
  • Reduced capital expenditures, operating expenses, and total cost of ownership associated with on-site IT infrastructure and support
  • Up to the minute cost modeling and reporting so that business can make informed decisions around resource consumption

Data Center Operations

Even with the acceleration of applications to the cloud and the continuing evolution of hybrid IT and cloud services, traditional data centers remain a key component of many IT infrastructures today.  Our Data Center Operations services provide proper staffing and expertise, integration of new technology solutions, data security, business reporting, 24×7 operations, centralized service desk, and operations management.

Pomeroy’s Data Center Operations Services can be delivered onsite or remotely and include Tape and Media Operations, Console Operations, Print Operations, Facilities Monitoring, and Smart Hands Support.

Consumer Durables Manufacturer

Cloud Cost Optimization Leads to Significant Operational Savings for Durables Manufacturer

The Problem: Global economic headwinds spurred the client to identify savings in its data center operations. The company believed its cloud investments already had achieved a highly optimized environment yet it was committed to further identifying efficiencies and savings.

The Effort: Pomeroy deployed its Cloud Cost Optimization solution to analyze 10 dimensions across cloud design & spend on one cloud account. A prioritized cost target list was produced including strategic architecture guidance & insights for cost reductions. A potential security exposure of >50% of data stored in the cloud was identified which was not encrypted in violation of corporate standards.

The Results: Over $50,000/year savings were identified representing an 11% OpEx savings. Another $275,000/year in additional savings in high probability areas were achievable within the single cloud account along with $130,000 in possible savings through a Reserved Instance Marketplace account.