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Taking Retail Agility to the Next Level.

Digital transformation is disrupting the Retail industry, changing how – and how quickly – retailers must adapt to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. That may explain why over half of retailers say omni-channel integration is their top POS priority.*

Pomeroy Point of Sale Services, by Enactor, delivers an end-to-end store technology suite that provides retailers with an integrated solution for point of sale, omni-channel selling and unified commerce.  It enhances POS, mobile, kiosk, self-checkout and online retailing by enabling associate mobility and engagement, mobile client interaction, and integration of the sales experience for Specialty, General, Big Box and Department Store retailers.

The applications are rich in function, offer extensive configuration and scale for even the largest retailers. The system can be deployed on-premise or on-demand.

Flexible Solution Toolset provides a graphical, process-based environment to modify or enhance existing applications, or even build completely new functionality using your development staff. No need to write code or go back to the software provider. You can change the system to match your existing business processes.

Advanced Architecture allows the same applications to run on any device regardless of platform (fixed, convertible or mobile) and regardless of OS (Windows, Linux, iOS or Android). There is no need to redevelop functionality or code for mobile once it is developed for fixed POS.

Services-oriented Architecture (SOA) is at the core of the Enactor POS platform. You leverage common web services within the application to simplify integration to all modern platforms. Key Omni-channel components are centralized – inventory, CRM, Loyalty, promotions and order management – so they can be leveraged cross-channel.

Pomeroy Retail Point of Sale Services, by Enactor, abstracts the infrastructure of a distributed enterprise system into a generic core technology and services platform. Built from the best open source components adapted for retail, it combines these components to provide messaging, database access, remote monitoring, data replication, XML transformations, application deployment and all the services a modern online enterprise system requires.

The Total Solution for Unified Commerce

With more than 40 years’ experience in Retail, no one knows Unified Commerce like we do. Our retail solution includes consulting and planning, hardware sourcing, network and infrastructure, custom development, staging, deployment and support. We also provide connectivity, hosting and maintenance at both the store and infrastructure levels.

Because we are OEM neutral we take an objective approach to all hardware and software alternatives which enables you to leverage your current technology investments and improve speed to market.

Our lifecycle approach to infrastructure support means we can optimize your solution over time to enhance the customer and in-store experience while lowering the total cost of ownership.

* Boston Retail Partners, 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Survey.

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