Case Studies

Software defined Networks Key to Top Bank’s ‘Next Gen’ Branches
What stood between a Top 20 Bank and its ability to improve service delivery and digitally transform over 1,400 remote locations? Aging remote networks lacked speed and bandwidth to support new consumer applications. See how the customer harnessed agility and resiliency, and improved customer engagement. Access the case study.

Leading Grocer Deploys POS Capabilities
Credit card security and PCI compliance are top concerns for retailers. When this leading regional grocer faced a looming PCI compliance deadline affecting its 221 stores, it teamed with Pomeroy to rapidly scale to deploy thousands of pin pad and scanner/scale devices across six states. Access the case study.

Retailer Digitizes Competitive Advantage
Competitive advantage is equal parts unique customer benefit and speed to market. So when the leading North American eyewear retailer secured new technology to revolutionize how routine eye exams are performed and elevate the customer experience, there was no time to lose–just 15 weeks before television ads hit the airwaves. See how this complex, synchronized 337-store rollout was deployed. Access the case study.

Advanced Technology Propels Smart Roads and Cars
When a state seeks to connect thousands of street level devices to support smart streets and cars and optimize data driven traffic management through software defined networking, it starts by taking a hard look in the mirror–and its lack of compatible, scalable and advanced technology. Access the case study.

Wireless as a Service Drives University's Competitiveness
When aging networks and hardened campus buildings interfered with connectivity and threatened student recruitment, this regional university turned to Pomeroy to reconnect students and their devices with a positive user experience. Learn more.

Insurer Dials Up Bandwidth to Ensure Growth
Slow, costly private networks without backup support 3,300 remote offices but are a strategic barrier to revenue growth, employee productivity and improved customer experience. What resulted from the deployment of new broadband networks came as a big surprise to the client. Learn more.

Retailer Upgrades 1,270 Stores Across 49 States in 35 Days
With less than 10 days' notice and up against a tough deadline, hundreds of resources aggressively mobilize to upgrade a slow, expensive network. Nothing short of precision planning, flawless execution, risk management and dedicated people will be required to get the job done on time. Learn more.

Service Desk Drives MDM Productivity
When complex mobile device management processes result in long delays getting new users productive in the field, something has to change. Service desk leadership and creative problem solving are keys to a big turnaround to the end user experience. Learn more.

Manufacturer Stabilizes Environment and Profitability
A wildly erratic environment, hundreds of critical incidents and failed change implementations meant outages lasted days, operations were disrupted, customers were leaving–and a lack of documentation that left managers scrambling to respond to a growing existential threat. Learn more.

Service Desk Aligns to Global Energy Market Realities
The global oil glut was forcing energy producers to curtail production, cap wells and cut costs. This international energy company was forced to rationalize operations costs, too–including the service desk. But rather than indiscriminately cut budgets, it deployed Continual Service Improvement – not just to drive out cost – but to improve both service quality and end user satisfaction. Learn more.

County Government Deploys VDI and Sees Spike in Engagement and Productivity
The third largest metro county in Pennsylvania deployed VDI to alleviate office overcrowding and time consuming tech rollouts. What no one in county administration expected, however, was the overwhelming reaction and dramatic impact upon the engagement and productivity of hundreds of employees. Learn more.

Bank Takes Multi-pronged Approach to Improved TCO and End user Support
This Top 25 bank was committed to becoming more competitive by significantly reducing its Total Cost of Ownership, improving productivity and end user experience for its customers and associates. Success would depend upon Continual Service Improvement and a dramatic “Shift Left” in end-user support. Learn more.

Financial Services Acquisitions Threaten to Overwhelm the Data Center
A leading financial advisory firm needed to quickly consolidate multiple siloed, legacy data centers and data networks in order to seamlessly integrate growing acquisitions. But, more than anything else, company leadership feared the sheer complexity of the task ahead might doom their efforts from the start. This is a story about how they succeeded on multiple fronts. Learn more.

Retail Chain Restores Revenue Through Improved Network Reliability
Outdated network technology and unreliable connectivity were sapping the retailer’s bottom line. Nothing short of a network overhaul would restore predictable revenue, improve network reliability and security, and establish business continuity across 367 stores in 7 states. Learn more.

Healthcare Provider Uses Continual Service Improvement to Add Certainty to an Uncertain Regulatory Environment
What does a leading healthcare provider do when faced with significant reductions in reimbursements? It turns to Pomeroy to rationalize its end-user support organization, and identify inefficient processes and millions in unnecessary costs. Learn more.

Consumer Products Manufacturer Nets $9.8 million from Asset Disposition To Refresh End-user Technology
When a consumer products giant takes a zero landfill approach to asset disposition, thousands of used devices generate millions of dollars it uses to refresh end user technology. Download (PDF)

Manufacturer Tackles Mobile Migration
This global manufacturer wrestled with how to manage the risk with the mobile platform supporting its corporate-owned mobile devices and hundreds of remote workers–and how to significantly reduce its Total Cost of Ownership. The result was total customer delight. Download (PDF)

Financial Services Company Navigates the Perfect Storm
It was a nightmare born of a devastating perfect storm that repeatedly crashed the investment services company’s voice and data networks. Unable to communicate with clients, execute trades, access data, or generate revenue – things couldn’t get much worse. Nothing short of an emergency intervention of the infrastructure would rapidly remediate multiple points of failure and restore profitable operations. Download (PDF)

Retailer Launches Agile Integration of Large Acquisition to Drive Shareholder Value
The plan was aggressive: Integrate 304 recently-acquired stores in the U.S. and Canada operating under different brands and legacy infrastructures into the corporate brand and network within 12 weeks–half the time normally required. Shareholder value depended upon speed to market–and a solution provider with the technical capabilities, agility, scalability and technical resources to meet tight deadlines. Download (PDF)

Healthcare Company Transforms End-user Support to Improve Customer Satisfaction
End-user support had become critical. Customer satisfaction and end-user confidence had plummeted due to poor problem resolution, technician communications and long repair cycle times. The client resolved that nothing short of a transformation was needed, relying upon Pomeroy’s industry-recognized expertise. Download (PDF)

Large Scale Upgrade Modernizes Kentucky School District’s Network
Kentucky's largest school district was in need of a network overhaul due to aging infrastructure and a demand for wireless connectivity and BYOD support. The solution included the world's largest Avaya SPB implementation, which was accomplished over a compressed 10-week summer break. Download (PDF)

Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Transforms the Service Desk
This respected manufacturer grappled with a Service Desk in disarray and plummeting client satisfaction among its 28,000 end-users. A re-engineered support model based upon a new vision for the enterprise was needed to position the company for optimized end user support and cost management. Download (PDF)

Metropolitan Transportation Agency Transforms Legacy Data Centers
This major metropolitan transportation authority faced significant challenges in its data centers, from a siloed, legacy infrastructure, to data replication and disaster recovery issues made evident as a result of two terrorist attacks and a major natural disaster. See how the agency and Pomeroy teamed to transform the data center to withstand future man-made and natural disruptions. Download (PDF)

Technical Staffing is Critical Link to Revamping Global Manufacturer’s End-user Computing Support
The deployment of dozens of technical resources across the U.S., Mexico and Canada must be completed in 21 days to support a highly compressed 45 day transition. Download (PDF)

Global Manufacturer Re-engineers End-user Computing
This global durable products manufacturer faced a tremendous challenge – re-engineer end-user computing support to over 25,000 associates in the U.S., Mexico and Canada in only 45 days – half the customary time required for large scale transitions. Download (PDF)

Metropolitan Transportation Agency and Superstorm Sandy Case Study
When Superstorm Sandy ravaged the NE U.S., the transportation authority responsible for metropolitan New York City and New Jersey was without power, chest deep in salt water, barely operating on generators – and in desperate need of extraordinary human intervention to support emergency teams and system restoration. This case study discusses how through crisis management and IT governance the infrastructure was restored. Download (PDF)

Leading Energy Company Tackles Windows OS Migration
A leading energy company faced significant internal challenges migrating over 10,000 desktops in 500 locations to Windows 7. The client asked Pomeroy to take over the struggling initiative. Read how the program turnaround successfully deployed. Download (PDF)

Manufacturer Assesses Mobility Readiness and Establishes Business Value
A Fortune 600 manufacturer uses an accelerated process to evaluate its mobility readiness and develop a strategy that yields immediate results. Download (PDF)

Global Pharma & Manufacturing Leader Innovates, Drives Out Millions in IT Costs
This highly respected company deploys a holistic IT infrastructure support model resulting in dramatic end-user support and IT process and staffing improvements saving it $15-million. Download (PDF)

Large Health Insurer Revamps Data Center Amid Growing Pains
Challenged by unprecedented growing pains, this insurance giant refreshes its legacy IT infrastructure through a highly creative solution that improves productivity, costs, risk management and regulatory compliance. Download (PDF)

World Renowned Healthcare Organization
With an uncompromising emphasis on its support to clinical end-users, this healthcare provider improves onsite staff support and hardware service response times while reducing costs. Download (PDF)

National Retailer Achieves Major IT Transformation and Mobile Enablement
A Big Box retailer revamps its 1700 store IT infrastructure to drive same store sales through improved connectivity and integration of mobile device technology. Download (PDF)

Major Public Sector Transportation Agency Drives Out Costs, Transforms IT
A major metropolitan port authority embraces a consolidated IT support model to dramatically improve end-user productivity and take out costs. Download (PDF)

State Educators on a Budget Modernize K-12 Classroom Technology
State educators hampered by antiquated classroom technology re-engineer computer procurement and technology deployment as part of a creative multi-year infrastructure refresh. Download (PDF)

Virtualizing the Classroom and Data Center on a Public Sector Budget
A large school district overcomes limited technology budgets and overextended IT resources by virtualizing its classrooms and data center. Download (PDF)

Top 20 U.S. Bank Tackles Asset Management
With poorly identified assets spread across 1,700 locations in 12 states, the Bank overcomes asset management capability gaps allowing it to repurpose thousands of unused assets and significantly improve costs and regulatory compliance. Download (PDF)

Top 25 U.S Commercial Bank Acquired by European Bank
Challenged to integrate multiple acquisitions, the Bank re-engineers its Remote Infrastructure Management and Service Desk operations, dramatically improving productivity, service quality and end-user satisfaction while reducing operating costs across the board. Download (PDF)