Workplace Services

Always Available. Intuitive. Secure.

Business Transformation of the workplace should have a single goal – to enable people to be more flexible and effective, happy and productive.

Your future success will be determined largely by how well you achieve Business Transformation, giving your organization an important competitive edge that ultimately enhances the customer experience.

At Pomeroy, we specialize in the deployment of an Optimized Workplace – a fully enabled workplace that delivers maximum uptime, is personalized for the user when they power up their devices, and fully connected, mobile and secure whether they’re at home, at the office or on the road, and finally, everything being consumable as a monthly service.

We partner closely with clients to help innovate, automate and optimize their evolving infrastructures to achieve Business Transformation and “connect the dots” between end-users and all points of the infrastructure – workplace, network and data center – with an integrated, holistic solution.

If you’re thinking about how to bring innovation into your workplace to drive productivity and improve user happiness, let’s talk about how that approach will benefit every corner of your infrastructure.