The software choices you make will drive the productivity and performance of your business. And once you’ve made those choices, it takes time and attention to keep those tools up and running in support of your business goals.

  • Considering virtualization and collaboration? We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons, evaluate timing and budget, and make sure your overall infrastructure is running at peak performance.
  • Is your software up to date? We’ll track and upgrade all software to make sure your employees have the most productive tools possible.
  • Concerned about licensing? Our certified staff will keep your company compliant on all software licenses, and ensure that annual renewals are managed in a timely manner.

Pomeroy’s procurement and logistics services include software procurement, installation, contract management, renewals, reporting and asset tracking.

The relationships we have with various software vendors assures that we’ll provide the right solutions for your specific needs. And we’ll help you leverage economies of scale when you’re ready to purchase, providing you with substantial cost savings. Contact a Pomeroy specialist today to learn more.