OEM Partnerships and Certifications

When you’re building an IT infrastructure, you want options. Hardware and software selections that fit your budget, your business specifications, and the level of security you require.

Pomeroy can provide those options because we’re known both for the company we keep and for our technology expertise. Our partnerships with OEMs and distributors are key to providing you with product options and budget flexibility. We deliver highly competitive pricing through our partnerships, OEM gold and platinum certifications, and distributor discounts and incentives.

But as we’ve said before, our commitment is to you, not to a brand. So the selections you make will be the best fit to help you achieve your specific business goals.

Our people and processes are what create our competitive edge. We’re committed professionals who bring our A-game, every day. Through a laser-like focus on process and client satisfaction, the results are clear, and they have led to an impressive list of industry certifications and partnerships.

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