Inventory Management

Seven hundred laptops, two hundred iPads or a complete infrastructure build out. Pomero manages our clients' inventory requirements with unique bar coding for quick identification and tracking.

Inventory management is process-driven to ensure proper scaling and repeatability. Most importantly, we have the flexibility to help you customize plans for any warehousing need.

“I have 1,000 desktops to distribute throughout the U.S., but it’s a staggered rollout. How can I maintain consistency?”

Flexibility is the key. Pomeroy will work with you to identify the parts you need. We can then inventory those units until you’re ready for distribution. Whether you’re looking at a 30-day or six-month roll out, you’ll have consistent inventory ready to go at a moment’s notice. No need to worry about availability or price fluctuations.

Pomeroy Distribution Center

“My units need to be imaged properly. But what happens if there’s a change while we’re waiting for roll out?”

We’ll image your inventory on demand, as it leaves our warehouse. By storing your image onsite and making necessary changes when needed, we can ensure that the units we ship are up to spec and able to keep your employees productive.

If you could benefit from having an inventory management partner at your side, let's talk about the challenges and opportunities you face. We'll bring fresh thinking and share best practices to arrive at  practical solutions to all your inventory requirements. Contact a Pomeroy specialist today.