Depot Repair

Your organization is constantly evaluating ways to manage costs and balance demand for reliable service delivery. Pomeroy meets this challenge with highly flexible maintenance solutions designed to meet every SLA. Our dedicated Depot team can execute quickly and reliably, getting vital equipment back in service, regardless of original manufacturer.

Parts and Professionals Where You Need Them

With over 35 years experience providing hardware maintenance services, Pomeroy employs certified technicians at our headquarters Logistics Center, on-site at your locations and in strategically selected regional locations across the United States. Our national footprint allows us to deliver high quality service with custom support in a place and at a time that’s most convenient for you and your end-users.

Additionally, inventory is stocked based on the needs of our clients in each region. These inventories are carefully monitored and adjusted as service requirements change, guaranteeing that the necessary inventory is available when you need it.

A More Productive Supply Chain

Depending on the specific needs of your organization, you can expect:

  • A dedicated Program Manager to oversee repair technicians and ensure SLAs are met
  • Regular performance reviews to ensure client satisfaction
  • Thorough audit and test of each asset, itemizing asset detail (including serial number), features and cosmetic/functional conditions
  • Detailed repair data capture to identify common issues and trends
  • Parts harvesting and parts inventory management to minimize procurement costs
  • In- and Out-of-Warranty support and RMA fulfillment to increase customer satisfaction
  • Product reclamation and deployment services to control timeliness of repair process
  • Advanced Exchange services for rapid response
  • Same-Unit Repair services, returning the repaired item to its owner

A number of our clients became clients because they were disappointed by the level of service and responsiveness they received from other service providers, often because it was just an adjunct service for that provider. For us, Depot Repair support is just as important as any other service we provide – because you depend on it. If there's room for improvement in your depot repair support, let's talk.