Optimized Infrastructure Framework

The Optimized Infrastructure FrameworkSM is our standard process for the delivery of solution services, ensuring that service delivery is standardized, automated, outcome-driven and effective.

The six-step methodology is predicated upon strategic planning to provide a thorough understanding of client goals and to make certain every service we provide is aligned with the desired outcomes. This unique approach to service delivery ensures predictable results, quality and customer satisfaction.

ASSESS  Assessment of the client environment is the foundation of the framework. The current environment and operational state are evaluated against strategic objectives and business requirements.

Client data may be collected through client interviews and surveys, and can include a non-intrusive agent placed on the client’s infrastructure to gather performance data. Extensive data analysis produces actionable recommendations to achieve client goals. All assessments feature executive briefings as part of an interactive session to discuss recommendations and next steps, with comprehensive assessments providing more exhaustive analysis, evaluation and reporting.

DESIGN  Pomeroy applies years of successful experience in developing customized client solutions. The Service Design Workshop is an interactive discussion that plays a key role in the Pomeroy design methodology. Key areas of collaborative discussion are:

  • Client goals and objectives
  • Service and technology requirements
  • Expected deliverables and anticipated time frames
  • Required service levels

A work breakdown structure is developed to delineate resource requirements and coordinate the work of key stakeholders and subject matter experts. The workshop also may establish benchmarks for consistent service delivery, SLA achievement, and high end-user client satisfaction.

Upon completion, Pomeroy delivery and solution experts apply proven best practices and deep technical expertise to develop a customized solution for the client organization.

PLAN  We utilize specialized tools and follow proven processes, including Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies, to develop the implementation plan. Our methodology guides the detailed delineation of tasks, project components and milestones, and keeps stakeholders on track as we implement communication, resource allocation, project and risk management plans.

BUILD AND TEST  Projects require specialized resources, processes, and tools, and most also will need configuration of equipment, training of resources, and report development. Pomeroy tests and validates all solution components to mitigate risk and ensure solution quality prior to deployment. Proven validation processes assure completion in each area, and that all delivery features are functional and meet client requirements.

IMPLEMENT  The transition to a new environment is a complex process. When moving from a production environment or new operational state, Pomeroy follows an established implementation methodology that also includes post-deployment support. Collaborative quality reviews ensure quality attainment, and identify practical opportunities for improvement.

three-areas-of-csi-graphic_no-rule_smMANAGE  We utilize specialized tools and ITIL-based approaches to IT Service Management, Continual Service Improvement (CSI), and Governance to drive the ongoing transformation and optimization of the IT infrastructure. Our CSI program focuses on three areas to drive continuous improvement – data-driven change, process-centric transformation, and client-focused governance.

Let’s talk about how our Optimized Infrastructure Framework can ensure the quality service delivery of your next project and the optimization of your environment.