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The Future of the Wide Area Network is Here.

The digital transformation is changing how wide area networks are deployed and managed–and the impact on the enterprise is dramatic.

For organizations with many remote locations, conventionally designed WANs relying upon legacy routers and costly MPLS connections are rapidly being replaced by more agile software defined wide area networks.

WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives are projected to grow from modest early adopter levels today to over 50% by 2020–a pace Gartner calls unheard of in wide area networking–and driven by customer demand expected to surpass $6 Billion according to IDC.

Why SD-WAN? In short, it delivers increased speed, faster deployments, agility to reconfigure in minutes, application prioritization, and cost savings.

Pomeroy combines technology from leading SD-WAN providers with our 20+ years of experience delivering managed WAN, security and access aggregation services to help you realize a significantly better wide area experience:

Minimal Touch Deployments – Provision remote locations with simplified configuration, automated installation and orchestration

Agility – Management through a single pane of glass with changes made to the network in just minutes versus days, weeks or months

Savings – Seamlessly integrate or replace MPLS with broadband (DSL, Cable, Ethernet, Fiber) to increase bandwidth and lower costs

Performance – Increase throughput and resiliency based upon multiple load sharing telco connections and direct cloud access

Application Aware – Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic shaping to identify, map and prioritize applications based on upon business requirements

Security – Delivery of secured IPsec connections and Unified Threat Management (UTM) based upon SD-WAN capabilities and Pomeroy’s cloud based UTM solution

Delivering always on, always available networking is the key to an optimized infrastructure.

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