Pomeroy Data Center Services help improve the uptime, security, and service quality of your data center, while reducing your cost of ownership. And because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we’ll assess your needs and deploy the most effective tools and processes necessary to meet your business goals.

What can our remote and on-site Data Center Services provide?

  • Financial Control. Moving to a Managed Data Center solution can help you transition from a costly CapEx model to a more predictable OpEx approach. We can manage as much or as little of your data center as you prefer – staffing, reporting, maintenance, security and more.
  • Adaptability. Pomeroy brings over 30 years experience to the data center with experts to help you leverage digital transformational technologies in IoT, mobility, cloud, software defined and virtual solutions.
  • Critical skills. Good talent is hard to find and tough to keep. Pomeroy can provide the smart minds you need to manage your data center – from legacy system support to 24x7 monitoring and management, to guidance from senior IT professionals.
  • Consolidated IT Services. Our Managed Data Center services help ensure proper staffing and expertise, integration of new technology solutions, data security, business reporting, around-the-clock operations, centralized service desk, and operations management.
  • Infrastructure transformation. Transition to a fully optimized infrastructure is a journey. We can help you develop smart solutions that are cost-effective today, and as you progress along the managed services continuum. And when you’re ready for a full transition to a managed data center solution, we have the strategies, people and technologies to help you better align your IT infrastructure to your overall business goals.