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COVID-19 Exerts Impact on Manila, Philippines Operations

To our Clients Regarding our Manila, Philippines Operations

March 16, 2020

Valued Partners,

Pomeroy has spent the last several weeks in contingency planning for any potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the services we provide to you and how we can proactively mitigate the impact of this unprecedented event, particularly as it related to our Operations Center in Manila, Philippines (including, both as a result of our mitigation plan and your requests, implementing a work from home solution for our Manila operations).  As you may be aware, earlier this morning the President of the Philippines officially shut down the Luzon area.  Impacts of this shut down has effectively shut down transportation and nobody is being allowed in or out of the quarantined area.  Later in the afternoon, the Philippines government issued an edict that all business operating in the quarantine area were to be shut down and all employees sent home.  We immediately coordinated with local government regarding the edict to get employees out of the area in the three hour window provided.

Your business is important to us and Pomeroy intends to strive to continue to provide you the support you’ve come to expect from us during this extraordinary, unprecedented time.  While this COVID-19 pandemic is creating unforeseen services challenges, we are working diligently to react to these challenges to limit the service impact, however we will likely have a short-term impact on service levels. Given the unforeseen events from this pandemic, and the impact on all of us, we ask for your cooperation and understanding regarding our continued delivery of service which we will provide on a commercially reasonable basis.

As your partner, we will continue to communicate changes imposed on us by this pandemic and additional impact or impacts it may have on our delivery of service to you.  But rest assured we are aligned and committed to providing you the best services we can under these challenging times.

Pomeroy Pandemic Response Team

Susan Kortz | Vice President – Customer Operations

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