WAN Survey Results

2022 Connected Enterprise Insights and Trends

Learn about this year’s top tech challenges

We asked IT leaders across North America about their top network connectivity challenges. They responded. In our 2022 Connected Enterprise eBook, we’ve curated insights based on their real-life stories. We’re providing the tech trends that we see shaping 2022, and we discuss the driving forces behind best-in-class remote network connectivity to office, branch, and retail locations as well as employees working from their own homes.

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Empower your people to be proactive, productive, and protected. 

We pride ourselves on putting our customers first. That starts with listening to what they have to say. When we connected with IT professionals across America, we heard them emphasizing the following forward-thinking perspectives:

  • We need to make sure employees are secure, no matter where they are.
    • Almost half of those surveyed saw endpoint protection for work-from-anywhere employees as a big challenge.
  • We’re ready to invest in enhanced security and reliable infrastructure.
    • The vast majority of respondents are invested or interested in SD-WAN. Over half will have SASE in three years.
  • Remote availability and employee mobility are a priority for everyone.
    • Over half of respondents said they’re delivering a significant portion of their applications via the cloud. Those surveyed deliver an average of 325MB to remote locations, and over half are increasing their bandwidth in the next year.
  • As we move forward, we’re focusing on keeping people connected.
    • Most of those surveyed said that their biggest focus areas in 2022 were network connectivity, reliability, and performance.

It’s time to join the conversation. Find out what the nation’s IT experts are focusing on to be ready for anything, all year long.

Discover the real-life issues impacting workplace services today. 

As we continue to realize the new norm of a remote workforce, it’s becoming clear that we need to come up with new ways to retain employees, recruit talent, and provide stellar customer service. Finding ways to leverage cloud-based technologies, reliably secure networks, and even automation to free up service desk bandwidth will allow us to be more creative with our resources in the years to come. 

Investing in a solid foundation today will allow responsiveness when things happen unexpectedly in the future. Learn more about the priorities and plans of surveyed IT industry leaders in our 2022 Connected Enterprise eBook.

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